Kanye West has made the most streamed album of the year in the US in the week following the release

Kanye West’s Donda goes straight into number one on the US Billboard 200 list

Kanye West’s new and much talked album Donda puts itself in front as the most streamed and downloaded in the US this year the first week after release. it has streamed and downloaded 309,000 album units – an explanation of an album unit follows below – and thus overtakes the popular Olivia Rodrigo with her album Sour , which has so far topped the list, writes Billboard .

It is not new for Kanye West to take first place on the Billboard list. This is his 10th album with a first place. A title he shares with Eminem, who at the time of writing has also had 10 records to be number one. Both Kayne West and Eminem have had all their records to be number one on this list – except for one single, namely their debut.

Kanye West is now one of seven artists to have 10 or more top spots on the Billboard charts in its 65-year lifespan. In a first place with the most albums ever to be number one is The Beatles with no less than 19 records. In second place is a good friend of West, namely Jay-Z with 14 pieces, and right after him is Bruce Springsteen with 11 albums.

The ‘The Billboard 200’ chart has been around for 65 years, ranking every week the most popular albums in the United States. Since more music is listened online, and thus not as many physical albums are sold, the mentioned numbers are based on what are called album units. An album unit in the US equals 1250 streams or 10 downloaded songs. And in Donda’s case, the numbers are based solely on streaming and download, because the album has not been released in physical form yet.